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Clearance Items!

Welcome to our Clearance Items page! Here you'll find a rotating selection of discounted aerial silks, hammocks, ropes (corde lisse), and hardware. Our clearance items include some new and sample stock, lightly used gear from photoshoots, and pre-made products. 

These items are discounted but availability is limited and constantly changing. Be sure to check back often and follow us on Instagram @Aerial_store for updates on the latest additions to our clearance collection. 

If you like something here, grab it while you can – once they're gone, they might not come back!

Clearance circus stock


Are you an aerial studio requiring a bulk order?

Do you require a a custom length, fabric or colour of silks not advertised in our store?

Contact us today with your specific aerial equipment requirements, we would be happy to help you!

aerial store clearance

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