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Tricot Silks  & Hammocks - Low Stretch

Tricot Silks & Hammocks - Low Stretch

1 Meter

Product Info


  • Breaking strength 1.5 tonne
  • 280cm Width   
  • 100% Polyester


Care Instructions

Always store your fabric in a clean, dry space away from abrasive and sharp objects and out of direct sunlight.

To wash your fabric:

  • Remove any hardware
  • Machine wash gently on delicate cycle with wool wash
  • Air drying away from direct sunlight is preferred or low heat tumble dry
  • Regularly inspect and maintain your aerial fabric to ensure their integrity and your safety.                                                                        
  • About Tricot!

    The classic aerial silks fabric. 

    This tricot is low stretch, semi transparent and known for its stunning, shimmering colours!

    Tricot offers good grip, they're great for dynamic enthusiasts and are not as thick as our mechano silks, so they're easier for small hands to manage!

    This is also our recommended fabric to create beautiful hammocks in your choice of colour and length!

    **We don't recommended tricot for studio silks as the fabric is far more fragile/prone to holes and tears and will need to be replaced more frequently** 

  • Selecting your fabric length!

    Selecting the Right Length for your Silks/Tissu:
    - Measure from the floor to the attachment point to find your "drop" length

    - Double your "drop" length
    - Add an additional 1 meter to the total to allow for tails the rest on the ground 

    - If you are working with a low point (4m-5.5m) you may want to add 2 meters extra so you have more tail to use for wrapping! 

  • Select length & rigging option for your Hammock!

    - Work out what length hammock you want (your drop length)
    - Double your drop length

    - Add 1 meter to the total to allow for tails when rigging
    Eg. If you want a 2m long hammock order 5m of fabric (2x2m + 1m)

    Want your hammock seamlessy finished?

    Don't forget to select your Hammock Rigging option via the "Rigging" tab before you check out! 

    **Note** We reccomend purchasing 5m minimum length for hammock orders

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