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Whip It - Hammock Kit!

Whip It - Hammock Kit!

  • 2x Delta Maillons
  • Aesthetic, secure whipping of both ends

Providing a clean, safe and finished look for your hammock!

If this is the look and style you're after,  select your tricot silks length add then add this to your cart as well! 

You can choose between white or black whipping at no extra cost, or opt for a custom color match to your chosen hammock colour for an additional fee.

**Note** Whilst we strive to match your hammock colour as closely as possible when hand-dyeing your whipping cord, an exact match cannot be guaranteed (but we will do our best and haven't disappointed yet!).

  • What's included?

    • 2x Delta 10mm Maillon's
    • Whipping cord in white, black OR *colour matched to your hammock!

    **NOTE** this option DOES NOT include your aerial hammock fabric. Select your fabric length and colour from the Tricot Silks page and add your Whip It Kit to your cart as well! 

    Color Match Option: Available for $70. Please select this option from the choices provided.

    Petzl Paw plate not included in pricing, please purchase separately where required.

  • Tech Specs

    10mm Delta Maillon:

    • EN 362, EN 12275
    • Dimensions: 87 x 66mm/12.0mm gate opening
    • 45kN long axis; 10kN short axis
    • Material: zinc plated steel

    3mm VB Cord:

    • Black
    • White 
    • Colour Matched to Hammock (+$70)

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